Data protection is a matter of trust and privacy that is important to us. Therefore, we will only use names and other information relating to you in accordance with this privacy policy. We will only collect information that is important to us and we will only collect information needed to do business with you.

We will store your information only as long as it is required or required by law for such information relating to the purpose of the information gathered.

You can visit websites and browse without leaving any personal information. When you visit this site, you have an anonymous status that we will not identify unless you enter using your username and password. Personal information collected online is only displayed on our company and is only used by RajaQQ in sending services to you internally.

The personal information we collect from you will be used to:

In addition, we will use the information you provide to administer your account with us; to verify and manage financial transactions related to depositing and withdrawing funds that you make online.

This is the privacy that we keep up to now because the security of the data that all our members have is the main thing that we must guard.